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Ashley Sykes
My Style? Traditional, yet functional with a touch of modern sensibility. Ever since I can remember. I have loved design. In fact, I don’t just love it, I live it and breathe it everyday in the colours I see, and textures I feel.

I started drawing house plans as young as I can remember. The one that stands out the most was a 5-story home I designed so each of my family members had their own floor. One for my barbies, and a floor for the living room and kitchen! Since then, I have always thrown myself into the creative and exciting world of Interior Design. I went to College and earned a Diploma in both Interior Design and Construction Engineering Technology, and a Certificate in AutoCAD.

I can take you on a fascinating journey from start to finish by designing, estimating, and creating drawings for the interior and exterior of your home. There are so many different elements to Interior Design such as lighting, colour, interior finishes, space planning, furniture, art, accessories, window treatments, and so much more! It can feel a little bit overwhelming so I can help you learn what your design style is and make it a reality. Everyday I wake up happy to go to work, because my job is my passion and I couldn’t ask for anymore than that. There’s nothing better than the feeling of creating a harmonious and balanced interior.

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Most interior design firms do all the talking. We listen. Our goal is to understand what your own personal tastes are. And then create a look that reflects your own personal style or needs. So why hire an interior designer?

There are many benefits to hiring an interior design firm. An experienced interior designer offers a fresh set of eyes for your living space. And we it's time to plan the design project, we'll save you money in the process. We have the resources to find what's need for your home improvement, but for less than what you might expect. But the benefits don't end there. Have a new home being built? Defined Design can act as a go-between for you and your contractor or architect. Many properties are built without much thought to where furniture, decor, or other features will go. But we're able to consider the things that many builders may overlook.

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